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Digital Methods in Geography

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Unfortunately, due to the extraordinary situation we are forced to postpone the outstanding lectures. We will of course inform you about new dates on this page.


When: Wednesdays, 14:15 – 15:15

Where: room 324, Mittelstrasse 43, 3012 Bern



26. February 2020: Open, big and geo data (English) 

Sleep troubles and nighttime noise: spatial clustering in the city of Lausanne
Stéphane Joost, Geograph, Senior Scientist, EPFL Lausanne         


04. March 2020: Sonic Spaces (English)                                                                                              

Voices, Intimacy and the Politics of Sound
Luis Velasco-Pufleau, Sound-Künstler und Musikwissenschaftler, Universität Bern, Walter Benjamin Kolleg und Institut für Musikwissenschaft


18. March 2020: Small data (German)

NutzerInnengenerierte Daten und Partizipatives Kartieren
Flurina Wartmann, Geographin und PostDoc an der WSL Birmensdorf


25. March 2020: Ethnography of social media (English)

Online and offline ethnography to research social media
Elisabetta Costa, Anthropologin, Assistant Professor, University of Groeningen


08.April 2020: Geographies of film (German)                                                                         

Digging Deep – Erforschung von Geografien des Heimischen
Alex Gerbaulet
, Künstlerin, Filmemacherin und Kuratorin, Berlin



Bicycle situation in Bern: a film by Florian Seifert & Julian Seiler

Film selected from the film course for the 2nd Edition of the Urban Audiovisual Festival in Lisbon

The film 'Velosituation in Bern' that has been produced by Julian Seiler and Florian Seifert has been selected for the 2nd Edition of the Urban Audiovisual Festival in Lisbon.
The film is a result of the  film course "Film and Geography" that run in the passed semester under the direction of Philipp Eyer. The festival will take place from 28 to 30 June 2019 and is organized by the sociology institutes of the Universities of Lisbon and Porto and the CICS.NOVA interdisciplinary center for social science.


Film schneiden im mLab

introductory course mLab in spring semester 2019

All employees and students who wish to use the mLab (cameras, editing suites, etc.) are invited to attend one of the introductory courses taking place in the spring semester 2019 (see below). There will be a short introduction to the cameras and microphones so that the infrastructure of the mLab can be used.


Next dates: Februar, 27 13:30-14:30; March, 26 15:00-16:00; Mai, 8 13:30-14:30

More information on ILIAS:


Science Film Festival Plakat

Prof. Dr. Susan Thieme im Direktorium der Science Film Academy

The Science Film Academy, initiated by Swiss scientists, has been organising the Global Science Film Festival annually since 2017. The aim is to promote constructive dialogue between filmmakers, scientists and society on global social challenges. From 15 to 17 November 2019, the festival will also take place for the first time in Bern at the Quinnie Cinema.


Das Global Science Film Festival considers films in the following categories:

Feature-length Documentary & Fiction Film (50 minutes or more)

II. Short Film (documentary, fiction, animation and musical videos) (up to 50 minutes)

III. Scientists-as-Filmmakers (up to 30 minutes)


The submission deadline is 1rst of March 2019.

More details on the festival, the submission criteria and the Science Film Academy:



New Teaser mLab (concept/realization: Philipp Eyer)

The mLab is more than just a place with technical infrastructure. It is a co-working space and a place of exchange for students and staff at the Institute of Geography. It enables collaborative work with film, audio, social media and other media formats. Its importance for teaching and research and scientific communication is growing. The mLab promotes creative and productive responses to such challenges.

multimediale Methoden in Forschung und Lehre


Introduction to mLab

All staff and students interested in using the mLab (cameras, cutting places etc.) are welcomed to participate on a short introduction event that takes place on November 29, 13:15-14:15, GIUB 101. There will be an instruction how to work with the cameras and microphones so that you will be able to use this infrastructure for your projects. Please see further information on ILIAS:


Eine Frau im Vordergrund, Winterlandschaft und Schnee im Hintergrund

Älven min Vän: The River, My Friend. film presentation

film presentation

Älven min Vän is a portrait of the lives of four women and their relationship to the Lule River in Sweden. The film shows the consequences of the forced resettlement of Sami people who were displaced from their land because of the construction of river dams and were alienated from their indigenous culture and way of life (such as reindeer husbandry, clothing, language, food and music). At the same time, the film shows the deep relationship between the women and the river.

idea and realization: Hannah Ambühl

when: 16. Oktober 2018, 12:15 – 13:15 Uhr

where: lecture room 001, Institute of Geography, University of Bern

Älven min Vän: Der Fluss, meine Freundin. Filmpräsentation (PDF, 3.8 MB)


In cooperation with the Institute of Social Anthropology, we conducted a course named “Film VerORTen” – an introduction on filmmaking for field research. This resulted in various short film projects. One of the short film was produced by Prof. Dr. Susan Thieme. In the film discuss the members of the research unit Geography and Sustainable Development the question what they experience while writing for scientific purposes.

While developing the new MediaLab at the Institute of Geography, staff and students elaborate now ways how to integrate film and multimedia also in teaching.

If you have any questions concering the MediaLab, do not hesitate to contact Philipp Eyer (