Social and Cultural Geography

Heidi travels from Fribourg to Valencia, Spain, to realise her dream of her own child with the help of a Spanish egg donor; Reto and Beat have been fortunate to find a single mother of three children in Mexico willing to gestate their “Wunschkind”; Fabienne has just decided to undergo hymen repair in Turkey to restore her virginity as a gift to her future husband; and Urs’ elderly mother is taken care of by a lovely lady who commutes monthly between her own family in Romania and the Berner Oberland.
You, your family and friends make similar experiences in times of shrinking distances: global processes and our intimate lives become more and more interwoven.
Welcome to our research group “Social and Cultural Geographies”. We study the feminist geographies of the global intimate and explore how the intimate and the global intertwine in our everyday, quotidian and affective lives.


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