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Kinderhand auf Erwachsenenhand - Leihmutterschaft in der Ukraine

Post Radio Eins 18.03.2022: Interview with Prof. Dr. Carolin Schurr about Surrogacy in Ukraine

Since the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine, many newborns delivered by surrogate mothers cannot be picked up by their future parents.
We talk to Prof. Dr. Carolin Schurr about surrogacy in Ukraine and the impact the war has had on the "business of surrogacy". The cultural geographer conducts research on surrogacy at the University of Bern.

2022/03/18 Ukraine, Surrogacy, War
2022/03/03 Carolin Schurr, surrogacy, Ukraine, War
2022/03/11 Carolin Schurr, surrogacy, Ukraine, War
2022/03/12 Carolin Schurr, Surrogacy, Ukraine, War
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