The Institute of Geography conducts diverse research on socially relevant topics of geography. The research is organized in eleven research units. Associated research groups and the «Mobiliar-Lab» complement the research of the individual groups. The institute has a strong relationship with the Strategic Research Centers Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR), Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), and Center for Regional Economic Development (CRED) as well as the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies (ICFG).

Structural model 2024

Climatology Group Climate Impact Research Group Hydrology Group Group for Geomorphology, Natural Hazards and Risk Research Soil Science Group Land Systems and Sustainable Land Management (LS-SLM) Group Critical Sustainability Studies (CSS) Group Political Urbanism and Sustainable Spatial Development Group Social and Cultural Geography Group Economic Geography Group Geocomputation and Earth Observation Group Remote Sensing Group Paleolimnology Group Organic Micropollutants Human-Environment-Systems Modelling Group UNESCO-Chair «Natural and Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Mountain Development» Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) Wyss Academy for Nature Land Systems and Sustainability Transformations Quantitative Methods Qualtitative Methods GIS Laboratory Methods Geographies of Desasters Group

Research Groups