Surrogacy: Pregnant woman

Our research focuses on the geographies of the global intimate. We study how global processes, the development of new (reproductive) technologies and social inequalities affect the intimate experiences of our bodies and lives. At the moment, we work on three interconnected research strands:

  1. Reproductive geographies of the body: different research projects study how new technologies such as egg donation, surrogacy, hymenoplasty or robotics change what Adrienne Rich called “the geography closest in – the body”.
  2. Reproductive justice and the environment: departing from the idea that our bodies are transcorporeal (Alaimo 2008) and always already more than human, we research the intra-actions between the human body, technology, toxics and the environment.
  3. Affective, mobile and multi-media methods: in collaboration with the research group “Critical Sustainability Studies” we run the mLab at the Institute of Geography. The mLab is an experimental space to develop, think through and critically reflect on how to grasp intimate and affective experiences through new methodological approaches. The mLab research uses multi-media, mobile and affective ethnographies.