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Economic Geography: Announcement for two Post Doc positions and one PhD position

We are hiring two Post Doc and a PhD: 1. Post Doc in Economic Geography (SNF Project: Industrial Towns) 2. Post Doc in Economic Geography - Center for Regional Economic Development (CRED) 3. PhD in Economic Geography

Post Doc in Economic Geography (SNF Project Industrial Towns) (PDF, 32KB) Post Doc in Economic Geography - Center for Regional Economic Development (CRED) (PDF, 31KB) PhD in Economic Geography (PDF, 34KB)


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Call for Abstracts for the Online Workshop: COVID and what next? Methodological Implications for Digitalization Research in Rural-Peripheral Areas

Chairs: Prof. Dr. Heike Mayer (Uni Bern), Dr. Julia Binder (BTU Cottbus), Prof. Dr. Gabriela Christmann (IRS Erkner), Dr. Ariane Sept (IRS Erkner)

Date: Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 2pm to 6.30pm, in the context of the IRS International Conference “Digitalization and Socio-Spatial Transformations”.

Target group: doctoral students, postdocs, interested scientists and stakeholders

The pandemic not only confronts political actors with the enormous task of finding answers to the infection processes and how to deal with it in society, but also researchers are confronted with new challenges in adapting their research to the transforming socio-spatial conditions. Former research designs lose their validity, field approaches have to be redefined, and social actors in public space become invisible.

Please send your abstract (max. 500 words) no later than 31st August 2021 to Dr. Julia Binder and Dr. Ariane Sept  

Flyer: Online Workshop COVID and what next? Methodological Implications for Digitalization Research in Rural-Peripheral Areas (PDF, 256KB) Call for Abstracts for the Online Workshop (PDF, 110KB)


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Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention: An Opportunity and a Mission (German)

Paul Messerli und Heike Mayer publizierten einen Gastbeitrag bei regiosuisse, der einer längeren Version ihres bereits vorher erschienen Bund Kommentars entspricht.

In diesem Beitrag argumentieren sie, dass unsere Berggebiete in verschiedener Hinsicht mehr Resilienz entwickelt haben, um mit Krisen umzugehen. Dies durch eine stärkere Einbindung in den nationalen Kontext und eine neue wirtschaftliche, soziale und politische Dynamik in den Berggebieten selbst. Daraus leiten sie die Forderung ab, dass die Schweiz die Chance des Vorsitzes der Alpenkonvention nutzen sollte, mit ihrer Agenda auch auf die gemeinsame Krisenbewältigung der Alpenländer hin zu wirken.

Zu lesen ist der Beitrag hier.

Bericht Schweizer Vorsitz der Alpenkonvention: Eine Chance und ein Auftrag (PDF, 109KB)



SCNAT: Priority Themes for Swiss Sustainability Research

A working group at the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) identified thematic priorities for science, oriented towards the need for action by society and the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. These research priorities are supposed to provide researchers and research funders with inspiration and guidance for their work. Heike Mayer is the lead-author on the report`s chapter on “Thriving Spaces: Sustainability and Spatial Development”. Other GIUB & University of Bern researchers involved include: Thomas Breu, Christoph Bader, Markus Fischer, Tobias Haller, Michèle Amacker and Peter Messerli. The report will be launched a public online event on December 8, 5 to 7 pm.


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Article published in “Vibrant Mountain Communities”

Pascal Tschumi und Heike Mayer show how health care shortages in Swiss mountain regions have led to innovative solutions based on novel forms of cooperation among local actors from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Based on four examples from the Bernese Oberland, they illustrate how these social innovations can contribute to regional development in the longer term, as they keep the area attractive for residents and enterprises.


Buch Entrepreneurship and ageing: Exploring an economic geography perspective.

Publication News

Heike Mayer and Birgit Leick co-authored a chapter on the topic of entrepreneurship and aging. They explore various aspects of the topic from an economic geography perspective. The book was edited by Mikaela Backman, Charlie Karlsson and Orsa Kekezi (Mayer, H., & Leick, B. (2019). Entrepreneurship and ageing: Exploring an economic geography perspective. In M. Backman, C. Karlsson, & O. Kekezi (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Aging (pp. 88–108). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

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