Economic Geography

Field Course 2020

The students dealt with the topic of growth motives and strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in times of crisis. Economic actors – notably SMEs – are particularly challenged when adapting to crises such as climate change, demographic decline or the recent Covid-19 pandemic. How do firms respond to these challenges? Are they able to adjust and react in resilient manners? What kind of strategies are they choosing in terms of their orientation towards growth, competitiveness, innovation, etc.? These are questions the students investigated during the field course. They examined SMEs in the Bernese Oberland, conducted interviews with key actors and produced a short film showing their findings. 

A detailed description of the field course can be found here.

Videos Field Course (German)

Fallstudie Landwirtschaft Feldkurs Schweiz

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Stategien für eine robuste Forstwirtschaft

Innovation in der Peripherie während der Corona Krise

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