Solar Activity and Indian Monsoon

Role of Solar Activity in Enhancing the Prediction Skill of Indian Monsoon on Seasonal to Decadal Time Scale

The role of the Sun in changing our weather and climate has been a debated issue in the scientific community for many decades. Still, it is not certain how much the sun has contributed to altering the Earth’s climate. This is partly due to the confounding effects of volcanic eruptions which, by chance, happened mostly during times of low solar activity. In this study, we undertake another effort towards understanding the role of the sun in changing or varying the Earth’s climate on seasonal to decadal time scale. We focus on effects of varying solar activity on All Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall (AISMR) and try to investigate how much the prediction of AISMR on a seasonal to decadal time scale can be improved by considering the solar irradiance variability in climate models. In a second part, the behavior of AISMR during the Maunder and Dalton Minima will be compared with the current warming period. The influence of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on AISMR will also be investigated.