Completed Projects

ACCENT - Atmospheric composition change: an European network

ACCORD - Atmospheric Circulation Classification and Regional Downscaling

ACPCA - Arctic Climate Processes Linked Through the Circulation of the Atmosphere

ACQWA - Assessing Climate Impacts on the Quantity and quality of Water

CARBOMONT - Effects of land-use changes on sources, sinks and fluxes of carbon in European mountain areas

CASTRO - Climate and Stratospheric Ozone

CHIMES - Swiss Early Instrumental Measurements for Studying Decadal Climate Variability

CIRCE - Climate Change and Impact Research: the Mediterranean Environment

Climandes - Servicios climáticos con énfasis en los Andes en apoyo a las decisiones

COST "Home"

DECADE - Data on climate and Extreme weather for the Central AnDEs

DigiHom (I, II, III) - Digitization and Homogenization of Historical Climate Series in Switzerland

EMULATE - European and North Atlantic daily to Multidecadal climate variability

ENSEMBLES - ENSEMBLES-based predictions of climate changes and their impacts


EUSTACE - EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of Earth 

EVALUATE - Extension, Validation and Analysis of historical Upper-Air Data Sets

EXTRA-LARGE - Long-term changes of weather EXTRemes in A LARGE ensemble of climate model simulations

FINIMSAS - Fog Interception and Nutrient Inputs to Montane-Subalpine Areas in Switzerland

FUPSOL - Future and Past Solar Influence on the Terrestrial Climate

FUPSOL II - Future and Past Solar Influence on the Terrestrial Climate

GLACIAS - Continental-scale glacier variations in Europe (Alps, Scandinavia) and their connection to climate: past - present - future

ILUCLIMS - Influence of Land-Use Changes on the Climate of a Swiss Region

MFCD - Mountain Fog and Cloud Deposition  

MetPhoMod - MetPhoMod is a three-dimensional, eulerian, prognostic model for the calculation of mesoscale meteorology and atmospheric chemistry. It includes meteorological and chemical modules

OpenNature - Citizen science for phenology and seasonality research

PALVAREX II & III - Paleoclimate Variability and Extreme Events

PALVAREX SA - Multiproxy Climate Reconstruction for Southern South America Back to 1000 AD


Phenoclim - Past, Present and Future Climate Impact on Spring and Summer Vegetation – a Phenological Approach

REUSE - Reconstructing Climate Using Ensemble Kalman Fitting

SNF Professorship - Past Climate from an Upper-Level Perspective

SOAP - Simulations, Observations and Paleoclimate Data: Climate Variabiliy of the last 500 years

TRANSMISSION - A Century of Atmospheric Transmission Over Davos, Switzerland

STARDEX - Statistical and Regional dynamical Downscaling of Extremes for European regions

TROTREP - Tropospheric ozone and precursors - Trends, budgets and policy

TWIST - Physics-Based Correction of Inhomogeneities in Temperature Series Related to the Change from Wild Screens to Stevenson Screens

YWS - Year without Summer