Group Portrait

Head of group


Affiliated researchers and scienctific employees

PhD students

MSc students

Research associates

Former group members

Tamara Baumann - Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research [WSL]
Maxi Böttcher - now at Kantonspolizei Zürich
Alexandre Tuel - tba
Raphaël Rousseau-Rizzi - am MIT Lorenz Center, Department of Earth atmospheric & planetary science
Yannick Barton - now at Federal Office for the Environment FOEN
Alessio Ciullo - not at Climada Technologies
Ali Mubashshir - now at Risk Management Solutions [RMS] London
Pauline Rivoire - now at University of Lausanne
Hélène Barras - not at MeteoSwiss
Eirini Boleti - now at Swiss Re
Clément Chevalier - now at Federal Statistical Office [OFS] and University of Neuchâtel
Paul Froidevaux - now at Meteotest
Paraskevi Giannakaki - now at Zurich Insurance Group
Andrey Martinov - now at the University of Bern
Michael Graf - now at ImmoSparrow
Pascal Horton - now at University of Bern
Sina Lenggenhager - now at SRF Meteo
Regula Mülchi - now at MeteoSchweiz
Luca Nisi - now at MeteoSvizzera, Locarno Monti
Erica Madonna - now at Swiss Federal Office of Energy [SFOE)]
Irina Mahlstein - now at MeteoSwiss
Markus Mosimann - now at University of Bern
Luca Panziera - now at MeteoSvizzera, Locarno Monti
Tim Raupach - now at UNSW Sydney
Matthias Röthlisberger - now at ETH Zurich
Sebastian Schemm - now at ETH Zurich
Simon Schick - aktuell bei ecosfera gmbh
Simona Trefalt - now at Meteotest
Harald von Waldow - now at Eawag
Christoph Welker - now at Gebäudeversicherung Kanton Zürich (GVZ)

(Last updated 02/06/2024)