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The climatology group aims to document and comprehend variations in the climate system. Its research spans a range of spatial and temporal scales, with a focus on global weather and climate during the past 100-400 years. Topics range from the collection of observations, quality assurance and homogenisation, climate reconstruction and data assimilation, climate modelling, and the analysis of large-scale climate variability and of extreme weather events.

Ongoing projects


BernClim - Regional climate impact observation network

Funding: self-funded
personnel: Leonie Villiger, Céline Dizerens, Dr. This Rutishauser


DECADE - Data on climate and Extreme weather for the Central AnDEs

funding: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), r4d (SNF-SDC)
personnel: Stefan Hunziker


EUSTACE - EU Surface Temperature for All Corners of Earth

funding: Horizon 2020
personnel: Dr. Renate Auchmann, Yuri Brugnara


FUPSOL II - Future and Past Solar Influence on the Terrestrial Climate

funding: SNF-sinergia
personnel: Mikhaël Schwander



funding: supported/financed by the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss in the framework of GCOS Switzerland
personnel: Dr. Renate Auchmann, Yuri Brugnara, Dr. This Rutishauser, Prof. Dr. Stefan Brönnimann

urbanclimate Urban climate - High-resolution assessment of the urban heat load of Bern

funding: Self funded
personnel: Moritz Gubler, Lukas Meyer, Sofya Antonowa

chimes CHIMES - Swiss Early Instrumental Measurements for Studying Decadal Climate Variability

funding: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF)
personnel: Lucas Pfister, Lukas Munz, Leonie Villiger,
Prof. Dr. Christian Rohr (co-PI), Dr. Isotta Francesco (Partner)