Dr. Md. Sarwar Hossain Sohel

PostDoc Forscher (Marie Curie Fellow)

Unit Landsysteme und Nachhaltige Ressourcennutzung

+41 31 684 32 93
Universität Bern
Geographisches Institut
Hallerstrasse 12
CH-3012 Bern

Sarwar ist ein interdisziplinärer Forscher mit MSc in Umweltwissenschaften (Universität Wageningen, Niederlande) und PhD in Geographie und Umwelt von der University of Southampton UK. Sein Schwerpunkt ist, die Grenzen der Nachhaltigkeit durch das Verständnis der komplexen Dynamik (Interaktionen, Feedbacks, Schwellen) zwischen sozialen und ökologischen Systemen zu definieren. Derzeit arbeitet Dr Sarwar als PostDoc (Marie Curie Fellow) am Geographischen Institut der Universtät Bern.

Forschungsinteressen mit Fokus auf Nachhaltige Ressourcennutzung

  • Sozial-ökologisches System
  • Systemdynamische Modellierung
  • Ökosystemleistungen und Lebensqualität
  • Grenzen für nachhaltige Entwicklung
  • Herausforderung von interdisziplinärer Forschungs- und Nachhaltigkeitsstudien in Kenia, Bangladesch, der Schweiz, Australien und Polen


Weitere Forschungsinteressen

  • Klimawandel (Auswirkungen und Anpassung)
  • Komplexitätsforschung
  • Umwelt und Entwicklung
  • Wasserressourcenmanagement und Armut

Master’s program:

System dynamics modelling of social-ecological systems

This course aims to improve understanding about system thinking and system dynamic modelling, applied to social-ecological systems, through hands-on training on modelling using a system dynamics software and interactive group activities.

System thinking and system dynamic modelling will be applied to selected themes related to sustainable management of land and land systems, including natural resources. Students will read about, elaborate, and present results from exercises using system dynamics.

Geodata analysis and modelling (Guest Lecture, System dynamics modelling)

The analysis of data and modelling of natural processes are gaining importance in research and practice. Models that simulate can help to identify study and describe connections and interrelations of factors influencing natural and human systems in an increasingly complex environment.

Challenges in geography

Inter- and transdisciplinary analysis of complex social-ecological problems is central in research for sustainable development. The course deals with current challenges in theories, research and discourses of geography. It covers two semesters and involves all Units of the Institute of Geography. Presentations and discussions on the challenges in geography depart from and evolve around the four research clusters of the Institute e.g. in the context of the sustainaility debate.


Ph.D. Co-supervision:

  1. Soil carbon management and Social-ecological systems

  2. River restoration in ecosystem services perspective

  3. System dynamics modelling for agro-ecosystem functioning and services (Visiting Ph.D. student from Stellenbosch University, South Africa) 


Previous courses

Geography and Environment, University of Southampton 2013-2016.

  • GEOG2032 Global Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Policy (Guest lecture)
  • GEOG1010 Geographical, Quantitative and Field Skills (Teaching Assistant)
  • GEOG1011 Dangerous world (Guest lecture)


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Risk & Resilience Cluster, Institute of Geography, University of Bern

Website: http://www.geography.unibe.ch/research/risk_amp_resilience_cluster/index_eng.html

NRG BESS (Next Research Generation BESS: Early career network for the NERC Biodiversity & Ecosystem Service Sustainability) – Prime movers

  • Organized First NRG BESS conference  `Early Career Researcher Conference 2014 – Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability
  • Conference organizer, fund raiser, moderator of one session
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Seven Marie Curie Fellowships for the University of Bern, University of Bern




The Bangladesh coastal zone: Improvements in human well-being have come at an unsustainable environmental cost at one of the world's most climate vulnerable regions, ESPA (Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation)  


Research gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Md_Sarwar_Hossain

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=GSE4O4YAAAAJ&hl=en  

Twitter https://twitter.com/Sarwar_991

CV_Dr Sarwar Hossain Sohel (PDF, 566KB)



2016  PhD in Geography and Environment
          Geography and Environment, University of Southampton United Kingdom

April-May 2014 Visiting researcher, System dynamic modelling, University of Bergen Norway

2012  MSc in Environmental Sciences
          Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Work experience

Oct 2016 - Jan 2017 Postdoc; Poverty and Ecosystem, Belmont Forum DELTAS. Geography and Environment, and Social Sciences: Social Statistics & Demography, University of Southampton United Kingdom

March 2015 - Jan 2016 Research Fellow-PhD dissertation support fund- SANDEE (South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics). Participatory modelling as the basis for modelling social-ecological systems.

May - Sept 2012 Research Assistant. ESPA delta (Assessing health, livelihoods, ecosystem services and poverty alleviation in populous deltas), CO-PI Professor John Dearing, Geography and Environment, University of Southampton