Mubashshir Ali

PhD Student


+41 31 684 80 20
Universität Bern
Geographisches Institut
Hallerstrasse 12
CH-3012 Bern

Röthlisberger et al. 2019 demonstrated the significance of the recurrence of synoptic-scale Rossby wave packets (RRWPs) in the same spatial region which contributed to the persistence of the long-lasting cold and hot spells in the Northern Hemisphere.

My project aims at investigating that relationship further in the Southern Hemisphere and diagnose possible mechanisms which play a role in favouring such a recurrent Rossby wave structure. Furthermore, the project also aims to study the role of RRWPs in fostering temporal clustering of extreme precipitation events.


19th Cyclone Workshop 2019, Seeon, Germany, 30/09-04/10/2019
Are Recurrent Rossby Wave Packets (RRWPs) relevant in the Southern Hemisphere?, talk

18th Young Researchers Meeting 2019, Aeschi, Switzerland, 06-07/06/2019
Scientific Excellence for Climate Sciences

1st Swiss Workshop on Machine Learning for Environmental and Geosciences (MLEG), Dübendorf, Switzerland, 16-17/01/2019


Symposium & General Assembly 2018 of the Swiss Society for Meteorology, Bern, Switzerland, 23/11/2018
Following a moist intrusion into the Arctic during SHEBA, poster

Polar 2018, Davos, Switzerland,19-23/06/2018
Exploring Air Mass Origin in the Arctic for Clear and Cloudy Boundary Layer, poster