Sedimententnahme Bachalpsee oberhalb von Grindelwald mit Blick auf die Berner Alpen (2023)
Sediment sampling at Bachalpsee near Grindelwald, with the Bernese Alps in the background © S. Schouten, 2023

The Paleolimnology Unit uses a range of sedimentological and biogeochemical proxies in lake sediments and statistical tools to investigate short- and long-term climate and environmental variability and change ranging from the Anthropocene to Glacial-Interglacial cycles. The spotlight of investigation is currently on the responses of lakes to rapid climate change, on the nexus between climate-productivity-anoxia and on organic micro-pollutants including plant protection products and related eco-toxicological impacts. We investigate lakes in Switzerland, Central Europe, Africa and NE China. Research is typically highly interdisciplinary. The group is a member of the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Bern.
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