19. April 2022

Winters are 3 °C warmer than pre-industrial

Temperature reconstructions for the cold season based on freezing and thawing data from rivers and the observation of plants show the extent of warming over the past 300 years. Reconstruction show that northern mid-latitudes have warmed by three degrees. The new data also allow a better analysis of climate mechanisms. Particularly, the point to the important role of snow cover. These are the results of a study by the Climatology Group published today in “Nature Communications”.

4 May 2022

Ansemetplatz Entsiegelung

Talkin’ about urban climate research made in Bern

Urban climate research at the GIUB is once again making headlines, demonstrating the scientific, political, and social relevance of the topic: On the one hand, as a prominent feature in the University of Bern's Annual Report 2021 [Link] and, on the other hand, in the form of an interview with Dr. Moritz Gubler in the Bund on the occasion of the launch of the “Stadtklima-Initiative” on Ansermetplatz.

25 May 2022

Master Presentation

  • Leo Müller
    «Driving Forces and Key Actors of Agricultural Intensification Trajectories in the Pleine-Fougères Study Region since 1900»
    (12:00 – 13:00, room 216, Uni Mittelstrasse, Mittelstrasse 43)