3 July 2019

e-learning: From historical climate data to hazard maps

Stefan Brönnimann from the PALAEO-RA project of the Institute of Geography ( has released an e-learning tool for weather reconstructions. On, students and anyone interested can learn step-by-step how historical manuscript data can eventually lead to complex climate information such as hazard maps. The tool focuses on sources of uncertainty and the application of reanalysis data and other data products in a meaningful way. Data can be downloaded for analyses in statistical software and visualization tools. The sections Climate Data, Global Reanalyses and Downscaling and Applications each starts with a very short text and the video followed by 2–4 subsections, typically with an exercise.

In addition, introduction videos give a concise overview of each section:

Historical Climate Data,




Downscaling and Applications

14 February 2020

Partnering for Change: Link Research to Societal Challenges

New Massive open online course on the topic of transdisciplinarity. An initiative by the Network for Transdisciplinary Research td-net and its partners with contributions from Stephan Rist and Susan Thieme from GIUB.

How can we address societal challenges with research? Investigate principles, processes, and applications of transdisciplinarity.

Transdisciplinarity – Online Course – FutureLearn

The course presents transdisciplinary research as a living experience. With a basis on sound theoretical and methodological background, five outstanding projects illustrate promising different ways of dealing with complex societal challenges. The projects address a) health care for mobile pastoralists, b) water scarcity in the Alps, c) coping with decline in a mountain village, d) labour migration, and e) governance of antimicrobial resistance.

Start March 30th with the 6 weeks course.

Further information (PDF, 47KB)

26 February 2020

Open, big and geo data

Sleep troubles & nighttime noise: spatial clustering in the city of Lausanne

Stéphane Joost (EPFL Lausanne)
«Digital Methods in Geography»
Media lab mLAB
(14:15 – 15:15, room 324, Mittelstrasse 43 / Uni Mittelstrasse)

Complete lecture series (PDF, 67KB)

26 February 2020

Presentation: «Using optical imagery to investigate processes related to avalanche release»

Alec van Herwijnen (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL)
Colloquium in Climatology, Climate Impact and Remote Sensing
(14:15 – 15:15, seminar room 124, Mittelstrasse 43 / University Mittelstrasse)

27 February 2020

Master Presentations

  • Christoph von Matt
    «ZDR – column detection in Switzerland»
    (11:00 – 12:00, room 128, Mittelstrasse 43 / Uni Mittelstrasse)

  • Aron Affolter
    «Bauboom im Nichtbaugebiet – Das erleichterte Bauen ausserhalb der Bauzone und dessen Auswirkungen auf eine nachhaltige Raumentwicklung anhand von Pouletmasthallen»
    (13:15 – 14:15, room 002, GIUB)

28 February 2020

Feminist Geographies – Kick-Off Event of ASG thematic group

We would like to share the final programme of the Feminist Geographies Kick-off Event of the ASG thematic group at the University of Neuchâtel. The event will feature a roundtable discussion on feminist geographies in Switzerland, an early career research snapshot session, a meet & greet and a workshop on publishing internationally.

For organisational and logistical reasons, we would kindly ask everyone who would like to come to this event to register here by 21 February: Link
The event is free of charge and everybody is welcome. Please direct any other questions you should have about the event directly to and/or to
(9:30 – 17:30, room RS.38, University of Neuchâtel, Espace Tilo-Frey)

Further information and programme (PDF, 837KB)

3 March 2020

Forschungsansatz Innovationsbiographien: Raum-zeitliche Erfassung von Wissensgenerierung in Innovationsprozessen

Dr. Anna Butzin (Westphalian University)
Berner Humangeographisches Kolloquium
«New Methods in Geography»
(11:45 – 13:45, room 002, GIUB)

Organized by the Units:
Social and Cultural Geography / Economic Geography /
Critical Sustainibility Studies /
Political Urbanism and Sustainable Spatial Development

Complete lecture series FS 2020 (PDF, 213KB)