Blick auf den See und die Berge aus dem Plain da Laj, Engadine (Mai 2003)

MSc and BSc Thesis projects are possible in all of the ongoing research projects.

We offer in general two types of Thesis:

  • Original experimental work with lake sediments
  • Analysis of existing paleoclimate data sets and regional synthesis’

Experimental Work: 

Analysis of sedimentological, mineralogical, geochemical or biological proxies in lake sediments, including dating techniques. The themes may be oriented towards climate reconstructions, pollution history, land-use and cover changes, among others. For MSc Thesis’ also microfossil analysis using the Scanning Electron Microscope is possible. We also offer Thesis projects in the field of hyperspectral analysis of lake sediments, which is a combination of lake sediment analysis and remote sensing/GIS techniques. The students learn to design their own research project, basic and advanced analytical techniques with practical laboratory work, (advanced) statistical techniques for data analysis.

Paleoclimatology and Regional Synthesis’: 

This type of Thesis is more oriented towards collecting and analysis of existing data sets from literature and Data Basis, and addressing regional paleoclimatic problems in a more synthetic way (mainly within the framework of PAGES Regional 2k). Also data – model comparisons are possible.

The prospective student has a strong interest in geo/environmental sciences, climatology/meteorology; statistical and analytical (laboratory) skills are an advantage.

The students work in a real-world research project.

If you are interested in a Thesis in the Paleolimnology Group, please send a short statement of motivation and interest to Martin Grosjean (

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