Berner Humangeographisches Kolloquium

25. Mai 2021

Dr. Deniz Ay: «Crisis of care» and spatial planning: A gendered perspective to study the social sustainability of urban densification

Care is the essential component for social reproduction, and it includes everything people do to maintain, continue, and repair their environment to continue living in it as well as possible. Feminist scholars have defined a «crisis of care» to refer to the transformation of the society that is less able and willing to provide caring labor. Although the crisis of care is a fundamental threat to human beings' social sustainability, it is often overlooked next to the economic and ecological sustainability priorities. This presentation builds on the critical feminist scholarship in economics, urban studies, and geography to develop a gendered perspective to study social sustainability of densification as a dominant sustainable city development agenda. Defining «care» as a resource allows us to link the institutions and public policy with social arrangements within and across households, commons, and the market. This conceptual framework helps to identify the opportunities and the impediments to planning care-full cities with the existing planning instruments.