Berner Humangeographisches Kolloquium

25. Oktober 2022

Dr. Bianca Elzenbaumer: Alpine Community Economies Lab: co-creating theory-practice relays for eco-social futures

The Alpine Community Economies Lab is a research space embedded in the Vallagarina valley (TN) in the Italian Alps. In the Lab researchers from the field of design and architecture come together with practitioners from fields such as agroecology, social work and environmental education to create projects which center issues of climate crisis and rapid biodiversity loss, while experimenting with the co-creation of socio-economic initiatives that center the well-being of people and earth. To do so they create relays between theory and practice that mobilize feminist knowledge practices, diverse economies frameworks and co-design methods. These relays are participatory research formats that strive to connect local action with global issues and currently take the form of a community academy at the local train station, a participatory drinks enterprise, a forest school, a bread oven on wheels and a mental health laboratory. In my contribution to the colloquium series, I will open up windows in to the work of the Lab and share our core methodological and conceptual tools, such as co-design, convivial imperfection, interdependence and the underlying community economies framework.