Critical Sustainability Studies (CSS)

Kathmandu, Nepal. S. Thieme
Kathmandu, Nepal. S. Thieme

We are committed to a debate on sustainability grounded in critical social theory, and taking into account intersectional power relations and questions of justice, protest and emancipation. Our current research deals with im/mobility in the context of education and labor, and multi-scalar perspectives on the Swiss health care system, raw materials and resources.   

Methodologically, we deal with social learning, as well as the conceptualization and concrete implementation of inter- and transdisciplinarity. This implies: 

  • the development of methods for inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation, including digital media (mLAB),
  • Questions concerning the role of critical social sciences, humanities and art in social-ecological transformation processes,  
  • Communication as part of the co-production of knowledge and collective action.  

Through research-based learning and teaching, students gain active access to research practice. In doing so, they acquire scientific concepts, methods and competencies, which also provide a basis for social engagement. This enables students to shape their current and future fields of social and professional activity as change agents


University of Bern | Institute of Geography | Critical Sustainability Studies | Hallerstrasse 12 | CH-3012 Bern

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