Digital Transformation for Sustainability and Land Management Hackathon (Hack4Sustainability)

Digitalisation is regarded as a major lever to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while at the same time data is rapidly becoming the most valuable resource for future economies. It is important to use data in ways that benefit society. Hack4sustainability challenges participants to hack for sustainability and create an opportunity to address the SDGs through digital technologies. #hack4sustainability

Call for Participation

We are excited to bring to you Hack4Sustainability 2020! It is the first event of its kind to take place at the University of Bern. Hack4Sustainability is open to students of all disciplines who are passionate about solving our global challenges (Climate Change, Food Production, Health, Education).


All University students, researchers, post-docs, lecturers are welcome to join!


University of Bern


February 12th-13th, 2020


  • All interested parties must be registered to participate.
  • You can register as a team (max 4 persons) with a project or indvidually and later self-organise into a team. Please sign up here!
  • Deadline for team/participant registration is January 12th, 2020.
  • Prizes will be given to the best team projects! Judges decisions are final.


Stealing of another team's code will not be tolerated and will disqualify your team from the event.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity: Is the project unique and innovative? Does it have the potential to make a great impact in addressing the global challenges?
  • Technical Complexity: How impressive is the design of the project for two days of hacking?
  • Polish: What is the sate of readiness of the project? Is the project complete or still at the coding stage at the end of the hack? Can the team demonstrate the project's functionality?


Desiree Daniel and Timothy Adams