Intermediate Staff

As a PhD student or Post-Doc, you are part of the junior intermediate staff (Unterer Mittelbau, UMB). As a status group, we organize to exchange on and pursue our shared concerns and interests. In monthly general meetings, we discuss issues of broader relevance for all of us. Members represent our group in the various committees and working groups at the Institute, and at the Faculty of Science. They report back to the general meeting. Important topics include regulations and conditions for PhD and PostDoc qualification, support for young researchers, working conditions, gender equality, the support for young families, and our teaching. We collect and provide relevant information on PhD guidelines, job and funding opportunities, and the work of other bodies of academic governance.

For more information about the UMB and about PhD- or Post-doc-positions at the GIUB, please consult our UMB Information Sheet for PhDs and Post-docs at GIUB.

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UMB Coordinators and Representatives in Institute Council

Representative in Equality Commission

Representative in Finance Commission

Representative in House Commission

Representative in IT Commission

Representative in Lab Commission

Representative in Library Commission

Representative in Measuring Devices Commission

Representative in Quality Assurance Commission (QSE) and promotion of early career researchers

Representative in Teaching Commission

Representative to MVUB