Ehemalige Gruppenmitglieder

Dr. Benjamin Amann (PostDoc)
  • Queen's University, Department of Geography, Canada
  • Gent University, Department of Geology, Belgium
Dr. Benjamin Bandowe (PostDoc)
  • School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Dr. Alexander Blass (PhD)
  • CSD Ingenieure AG, Zurich
Dr. Christoph Butz (PostDoc)
  • Geoconsult Rein, Germany
Dr. Rixt de Jong (Postdoc)
  • Statistics Netherlands, Den Haag; NL

Dr. Julie Elbert (PhD)

Dr. Ivan Hernandez Almeida (PostDoc)
  • University of Bremen, MARUM, Germany
  • Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zurich
Dr. Christian Kamenik (PostDoc)
  • UVEK, ASTRA, Bern
Dr. Monique Kuglitsch (PhD)
  • American Meteorological Society (AMS), Technical Editor
Dr. Isabelle Larocque (PostDoc)
  • The L.A.K.E.S Institute, Lyss, Switzerland
Dr. Krystina Saunders (PostDoc)
  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, ANSTO, Australia
Dr. Matthias Trachsel (PostDoc)
  • University of Bergen, Department of Geology, Department of Biology, Norway
  • University of Maryland, Department of Geology, USA
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Dr. Lucien von Gunten (PhD)
  • PostDoc University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
  • PAGES Post Global Chnages Science Officer