27 November 2017


Prof. Dr. Doris Wastl-Walter: Member Representative to the COPERNICUS Alliance Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Doris Wastl-Walter was elected as Member Representative to the COPERNICUS Alliance Advisory Board.
The COPERNICUS Alliance is a European network of universities and colleges committed to transformational learning and change for sustainable development. They focus on developing a platform to strengthen integration of sustainable development in higher education management, education, research and society.

19 December 2017

Weather reconstructions

How can we reconstruct the weather of the past? A video of the Climatology Group explains this. The product of this procedure are global, six-hourly three-dimensional weather data. In the framework of the FP7 project ERA-CLIM2, several reanalyses were generated. An interactive visualisation of the University of Bern allows investigating the CERA-20C reanalysis:

8 March 2018

Save the Date: International Women`s Day

We will organize an event at the GIUB and would like to invite you.
We plan to offer lunch (12 pm) in the foyer of the GIUB, there will be an exhibit related to the diversity of excellence at the University of Bern, we will have Dr. Patricia Felber talk about cosmo-idiots and the slow university and we will have some activities related to work-life balance.

We look forward to your participation
Equal Opportunity Commission, Institute of Geography