2 August 2017

Prof. Dr. Susan Thieme – Welcome to the Institute of Geography

Extraordinary professor for geography and sustainable development

Prof. Dr. Susan Thieme Susan Thieme was elected as an extraordinary professor for geography and sustainable development by the university administration on 1 August 2017. As successor to Urs Wiesmann, she becomes co-director of the Geographical Institute.
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14 September 2017

Interfacultary Research Cooperations IRC at GIUB «One Health: Cascading and Microbiome-Dependent Effects on Multitrophic Health»

Vice-Rector for Research Daniel Candinas presented the already approved Interfaculty Research Cooperations. It deals with "One Health", an increasingly important area of research, in which connections between the health of the environment, animals and humans are investigated. The project unites 10 research groups with expertise in microbiology, environmental sciences, plant and animal health, human medicine and bioinformatics, from three faculties: Science, Medicine and Vetsuisse. The Interfaculty Research Cooperation is investigating in particular the influence of environmental changes on food chain systems – from soil to plants to ruminants and finally mice as a model organism for human health. For example, it is possible for the first time to carry out comparative analyses of how microbial communities react at various interfaces of the food chain to factors such as temperature, heavy metals and vegetable secondary materials, and what influence these changes have on the health of the individual links of the food chain and the whole system. By combining their specialist expertise the research groups can, among other things, observe health-related cascade effects within the food chain, which would otherwise not be possible for them. "This is an exciting new approach within the One Health concept. We expect that it will be possible to transfer the gained knowledge to other systems and to contribute to the understanding and remedying of negative environmental influences in global food chains", said Candinas.

(Source: media release, 14th of September 2017)

1st October 2017


New: The Political Economy of Capital Cities

Mayer, Heike; Sager, Fritz; Kaufmann, David; Warland, Martin (2018). The Political Economy of Capital Cities. London: Routledge


29 November 2017

Presentation: «Climate change in Switzerland since 1864: Insights from observations, models and physical laws»

Simon Scherrer (MeteoSwiss)
Colloquium in Climatology, Climate Impact and Remote Sensing
(14:15 – 15:15, seminar room 310, Hallerstrasse 10 / CDE)