28 June 2018

Phenology observation guide now available online

The reference guide for plant phenological observations in Switzerland is now available again. «Plants in Changing Seasons» («Pflanzen im Wandel der Jahreszeiten») originally published by Robert Brügger and Astrid Vassella in 2003 just appeared in Geographica Bernensia Publishers. The observation guide with colored pictures and black-and-white drawings also contains the phenological definitions of Swiss observation networks of ‹GIUB BernClim›, MeteoSwiss ‹Swiss phenology network›  and ‹PhaenoNet› (German) by GLOBE. Newly available online are two publications on the BernClim Observation Network ‹G 87› and a general introduction to phenology and seasonality ‹U 26›, both in German.

25 September 2018

About Centers and Peripheries: Economic Geography Research in Bern

Reto Bürgin, Heike Mayer and Rahel Meili (Unit Economic Geography)
Berner Humangeographisches Kolloquium
(12:15 – 13:15, room 224, Mittelstrasse 43 / University Mittelstrasse)

27 September 2018

Master Presentation

  • Dominique Bucher
    «Hochwassersensitivität mesoskaliger Schweizer Einzugsgebiete unter veränderten Klimabedingungen»
    (13:15 – 14:15, room 002, GIUB)

27 September 2018

PhD Presentation

  • Rahel Meili
    «The charms of smallness: Economic dynamics and innovation mechanisms in small and medium-sized towns»
    (15:15, lecture hall 001, GIUB)

3 October 2018

Presentation: «Remote sensing of planets»

Antoine Pommerol (University of Bern)
Colloquium in Climatology, Climate Impact and Remote Sensing
(14:15 – 15:15, seminar room 120, Mittelstrasse 43 / University Mittelstrasse)