Student representatives

Fachschaft Geographie Uni Bern / Student representatives geography Uni Bern

The student representatives for geography are made up off all students with major or minor in geography. The organisation was formed in 1968 with the objective to represent and defend the interests of students at the university. As an official association/union, all students are able to vote for board members at the annual general meeting. De facto, anybody interested can join the board at any time and we appreciate all new members.

The board members install themselves in important commissions/committees in various levels of the university to represent the interests of the students in general and the students of geography in particular. We also

  • offer another contact point for students with problems of all sorts
  • provide a source of information through our own channels
  • organise field trips and social events for anybody interested

You can find more information on what we are, who we are, what we do, and how you can engage with us, on our homepage. Beware though, it's only in german and as of october 2015, this is unlikely to change any time soon.