Courses, Examinations, Deadlines

Overview of courses

All courses will be announced via CTS (Central Teaching System, ( . In addition, you can also find timetables, course discriptions and "course catalogs” which give a quick overview of all events of each semester. Courses of the upcoming semesters are in the list "Leistungseineiten Geographie", an important tool in the planning of your studies (Annex I, plan of studies geography).

The latest and binding data are always published in CTS!

For older course catologs, please see the archive.

You need to register in CTS for every course you take. Term of applications for all courses can be found in CTS. Attention: Register for both, the course (CD) and the examination (AD). Only the registration for the course allows you to access to ILIAS. Without registration to the examination (AD), you are not admitted to the test.

Block courses / Excursions