Soil Science Group


Farming systems in Europe rely strongly on the use of plant protection products such as pesticides to secure yields and food safety in plant production and animal husbandry: an average 340,000 to 370,000 tonnes of active substances are spread on Europe’s fields every year. Multiple residues of these substances are commonly found in soil, water, crops, food and feed, as well as animals and humans.

Research Projects

The SPRINT project, funded by the European Union's Horizon program, stands at the forefront of scientific inquiry into the impacts of pesticide mixtures on agriculture and human health. With a multidisciplinary approach and unprecedented data collection efforts across Europe and Argentina, the project aims to develop a Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox to assess the impacts of pesticides on environmental and human health and to propose several transition pathways to reduce the use and risk of pesticides.

Master students: Samuel Weber, Florian Christ
Supervisor: PD Abdallah Alaoui