Snow Monitoring Lesotho

Contact: Fabia HüslerStefan Wunderle
Consortium: Fabio Fontana (MeteoSwiss)
Funding source: ESA, World Bank

Currently there is no detailed information available. Please contact Stefan Wunderle.


Associated Master Thesis

Snow cover represents an essential water storage capacity to Lesotho’s limited and economically critical water resources. Analysis, monitoring, and forecasting of inter-annual snow cover dynamics are indispensable to improve long-term planning and water resource management by the Government of Lesotho.

Therefore, an easy-to-use and accurate snow cover product for local stakeholders and the Worldbank’s technical teams will be generated. An independent, consistent, and freely available snow monitoring will be generated, based on MODIS Terra and Aqua satellite data.

Master Student: Timm Gross

Supervisor/Advisor: Fabia Hüsler, Stefan Wunderle



Wunderle, Stefan; Gross, Timm; Hüsler, Fabia (2016). Snow Extent Variability in Lesotho Derived from MODIS Data (2000–2014). Remote sensing, 8(6), p. 448. Molecular Diversity Preservation International MDPI10.3390/rs8060448