Josje Bouwmeester

PhD Studentin

Universität Bern
Geographisches Institut
Poltische Stadtforschung und nachhaltige Raumentwicklung
Hallerstrasse 12
CH-3012 Bern
Since 04/2020 University of Bern, PhD student

Studying the conditions under which spatial planning can more effectively lead to increased densification, while also retaining urban quality for all, including vulnerable socio-economic groups.

2017-2019 Wageningen University (NL), MSc Urban Environmental Management

Major in Land Use Planning

2015 University of Exeter (UK) 

Semester abroad

2013-2016 Utrecht University (NL), BA Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major in Human Geography, Economics and Political Sciences

  • “Rules of the game” in institutions
  • Planning and property rights
  • Land policies and planning instruments
  • Governance of densification
  • Informal real estate markets

Bouwmeester, J., Gerber, J.-D., Hartmann, T., & Ay, D. (2023). Non-compliance and non-enforcement: An unexpected outcome of flexible soft densification policy in the Netherlands. Land Use Policy126, 106525.

Bouwmeester, J. and Hartmann, T. (2021) ‘Unraveling the self-made city: The spatial impact of informal real estate markets in informal settlements’, Cities. Elsevier Ltd, 108.