Final Theses

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Examples of past works:


Selected past final theses (Bsc, Msc) are available on:

Are you interested in writing a master's or bachelor's thesis in the unit for hydrology? Visit our colloquium, every first week of the semester (fall and spring semesters).

Possible topics for your thesis you will find in the PDFs below. It is possible to write the thesis with the unit of hydrology or in collaboration with external partners (science, private sector, or administration) 

First, contact employees of GIUB (N. Ceperley, P. HortonB. Schaefli) and do not contact external partners directly.


Topics of the unit for hydrology in the field of hydrological processes (Contact: N. Ceperley):

- Stable Isotope Gradients in Mountain Hydrology: In these master's projects, students will identify a gradient (e.g., along different elevations/different land uses) of interest and sample one or all water sources: springs, groundwater, precipitation, xylem, runoff, etc. Specific research questions and sampling locations will be determined in a discussion.

- Ecohydrological processes of soil moisture from corresponding datasets from West Africa, Vietnam, and Switzerland: information on plant water use and evapotranspiration will be extracted from soil water data. Specific research questions will be defined in the discussion.

- Tracer hydrology: a non-natural isotope tracer will be introduced into irrigation water to track runoff and infiltration processes. This project will require some knowledge and contact with an agricultural partner yet to be determined. Specific research questions and sampling locations will be determined in a discussion.

Topics of unity hydrology in the field of weather data analysis (Contact: P. Horton): 

Topics in collaboration with A. Holzkämper (Agroscope & OCCR) (Contact: B. Schaefli):

Themen in Zusammenarbeit mit den Forschungsgruppen Aquatische Physik und Angewandte Systemanalyse an der Eawag in Kastanienbaum (bei Luzern): 

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Themen der Gruppe für Hydrologie im Bereich hydrologische Modellierung (Kontakt: B. Schaefli):

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