Professional qualifications  

  • Dr. phil. nat., Geomorphologist (Univ. of Berne, 1976)
  • Additional education in avalanche and torrent control (Univ. of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna)

Main activities since 1972

  • Natural hazard assessment (Ph.D. thesis 1976: Combined geomorphic hazard map of Grindelwald); hazard mapping in Colorado, Nepal and Switzerland)
  • Postdoctoral lecture qualification: "Natural hazard assessment and mapping in mountainous regions"
  • Research in
    • methodology for natural hazard and risk assessment (Switzerland, USA, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Austria)
    • mountain torrent systems (operation of torrent test area)
    • periglacial environment  (operation of periglacial test area)
    • rockfall and landslides
  • Implementation (concepts for hazard and risk assessment on national and state level)


  • Associate Professor in Physical Geography until 2011 (especially Geomorphology and Natural Risks)
  • Leader of Group for Applied Geomorphology & Natural Risks until 2011, Institute of Geography, University of Berne
  • Retired 2011, working as independent consultant (KiNaRis)

Main Projects

  • Periglacial Systems, Bernese Alps (test and observation area Gemmi since 1988)
  • Slope-type debris flows: conditions and triggers
  • Torrential Systems (test and observation area Leissigen since 1991); procedures for torrential hazards assessment
  • Torrent Classification (sponsored by Swiss Federal Office for Water and Geology (FOWG))
  • Effects of climate change on torrential systems with respect to specific topography
  • SEDEX: manual for realistic bedload scenario formulation in mountain torrents (sponsored by the state of Bern, Civil Engineering Office)
  • Approaches for systematic risk evaluation
  • Natural Risk Management: case studies
  • Political force fields and local players in natural risk management

Main Mandates (long lasting)

  • Consultant for quality management for hazard and risk assessment in the State of Berne in Switzerland
  • Member of diverse working and advisory groups concerning natural risk management in Switzerland (Swiss Confederation)
  • Commission on Safety Reporting of AlpTransit (FOT) (2009-2015)
  • Member of the Scientific Council of INTERPRAEVENT (1993-2016)