Statistical modeling of Eritrean highland precipitation with respect to Indian Ocean sea surface temperature

The objective of the research project is to develop a statistical model based on a 100-yr record of precipitation (1914–2015) for the highland of Eritrea with Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures (SSTs), as previous studies have confirmed the strong correlation between the SST and East Africa precipitation. The statistical relation will also be integrated with analysis of atmospheric circulation cells over the Indian Ocean. Moreover, the relation will be analysed in climate model simulations that are driven by observed sea-surface temperature at the University of Bern. The outcome will be a tested relationship linking observed precipitation variability in the horn of Africa to SSTs. This will enable to predict the variability of precipitation in the central highland of Eritrea with respect to the SST.

In Eritrea, this research project will contribute to the capacity building program particularly in the sector of climate change and development of early warning systems for natural disaster management. At research station level, this study will diversify the research program on climate change and early warning system. At the host institution in Switzerland (University of Bern) this research work will expand the knowledge of long climate records and of SST variability.

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