My research focuses on the statistical analysis of extreme precipitation events at midlatitudes.

My PhD consists in :
- Verification of precipitation events in ERA-5 (reanalysis dataset by the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts),
- Spatial analysis of extreme behavior of precipitation in Europe, with ERA-5 data,
- Assessment of Seasonal-to-Subseasonal hindcast in terms of precipitation extremes, with a focus on temporal clustering.

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Training School on Statistical Modelling of Compound Events, Cost action DAMOCLES, Como, Italy, 23/09-04/10/2019

14th IMSC (international meeting on statistical climatology), Toulouse, France, 24-28/06/2019
Characterization of daily precipitation using the Extended Generalized Pareto Distribution. Bootstrap procedure on Bern and Toulouse precipitation., poster

VALPRED Workshop - validation of ensemble forecasting, Aussois, France, 18-21/03/2019
Characterization of Swiss daily precipitation using the Extended Generalized Pareto Distribution, poster