Urban Climate

High-resolution assessment of the urban heat load of Bern

In May 2018, we established an extensive measurement network of 85 low-cost temperature loggers within and around the city of Bern. Distributed over different urban structures, vegetation types as well as topographical and infrastuctural settings, the sensors placed within a self-made radiation shield measured air temperatures every 10 minutes until September 2018. The goals of this project are to (1) assess the summertime urban heat island effect of the city of Bern at a very fine scale in order to create a data-base for (2) the validation of microscale urban climate models as well as (3) for future urban planning strategies taking into account the increasing importance of urban heat stress. Moreover, the results will be used for the (4) development and evaluation of teaching material focussing on local impacts of climate change.

Interview bei SRF Radio


Project team:

Moritz Gubler (University of Bern, Pädagogische Hochschule Bern, Switzerland)
Lukas Meyer, Sofya Antonowa, Stefan Brönnimann


Self funded

Project duration:

01.11.2017 -