Dynamics of Rossby wave initiation in the extratropics and link to sensible surface weather

I investigate the initiation of synoptic-scale Rossby waves and their effect on sensible surface weather. Together with Olivia Romppainen-Martius and Heini Wernli, I have developed an algorithm which identifies Rossby wave initiation (RWI) events in Re-analysis data, based on geometry changes of upper-level jet waveguides. Using this algorithm, we compiled the first climatology of RWI events on the extratropical jet in the Northern Hemisphere (Figure 1). We now use this climatology to study the dynamical mechanisms which lead to RWI and identify key meteorological ingredients for RWI.

Furthermore, my research focuses on how large-amplitude synoptic-scale Rossby waves affect sensible surface weather such as weather extremes and long-lasting hot, cold, dry and wet spells. Together with Stephan Pfahl and Olivia Romppainen-Martius I have analyzed how regional-scale jet waviness modulates the number and geographical distribution of surface weather extremes (Figure 2). Moreover I am interested in how the frequent re-occurrence of transient Rossby wave patterns can lead to persistent surface weather.

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