Reconstruction of monsoon variability in the past 500 years based on documentary data with special focus on the influence of volcanic eruptions.

  • Large-scale climate variability and change
  • Paleoclimate
  • Historical hydrometeorology
  • Drought
  • Rainfall variability
  • Anthropogenic and natural forcings and their influence on the climate

2016: BSc in Geography, University of Bern

2018: MSc in Geography, University of Bern

2017-2018: Master thesis at Monash University, Australia

2018: Research Assistant

From 2019: PhD-student, University of Bern

Flückiger, J., A.-M. Burgdorf, Y. Brugnara, and S. Brönnimann (2020) Two Meteorological Series from Bern from Trechsel, 1826–1849, and Benoit, 1837–1853. In: Brönnimann, S. (Ed.) Swiss Early Instrumental Meteorological Series. Geographica Bernensia G96, p. 97–108, doi: 10.4480/GB2020.G96.09.

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