Description of research project (ROWATRI - Rossby Wave Triggering)

In the ROWATRI project we investigate the triggering of synoptic-scale Rossby waves. To this end, we have developed an algorithm which identifies triggering events of synoptic-scale Rossby waves in Re-analysis data, based on geometry changes of upper-level jet waveguides. Using this algorithm, we compiled a feature based climatology of Rossby wave triggering events on the extratropical and subtropical jets in the Northern Hemisphere. Most triggering events occur over the western North Pacific, over the North Atlantic and, on the subtropical jet only, over North Africa and the Middle East. This climatology allows us to investigate the predominant triggering mechanisms in the different triggering regions. Further, we are interested in climatological aspects of Rossby wave triggering events as well as their predictability.


15th Swiss Climate Summer School, Grindelwald, Switzerland, 28/08-02/09/2016
Regional-Scale Jet Waviness Modulates the Occurrence of Mid-Latitude Weather Extremes, poster

European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 23-28/04/2016
Detection, Dynamics and Climatology of Rossby Wave Initiation on the Extratropical Waveguide, talk


17th Cyclone Workshop, Pacific Grove CA, USA, 25-30/10/2015
An Algorithm for Identifying the Initiation of Synoptic-Scale Rossby Waves on PV Waveguides, talk

14th Swiss Climate Summer School, Ascona, Switzerland, 24-28/08/2015
A Climatology of Synoptic-Scale Rossby Wave Triggering Events,  poster