Institute of Geography

Urban & Regional Planning

Social Program

Monday: Guided Tour "Old City of Bern"

Time: Mon, 15th Feb, 17.00-19.00h,

Meeting point: Tourist Information inside Bern main station

Admission: Registration needed

Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Old City of Bern".

Monday: Get together beer

Time: Mon, 15th Feb, begins 19.00h

Location: Restaurant Löscher, Viktoriastrasse 70

Admission: Open to everybody (no reservation needed)

The Löscher is located in the old fire station of Bern which was closed in 2014 and now hosts a couple of temporary uses. Appetisers (free of charge) and refreshments (self-payment) will be served.

Tuesday: Opening Reception

Time: Tue, 16th Feb, 17.00h-19.00h

Location: University Main Building
(Room 210, 2nd floor)

Admission: Open to everybody, free of charge

The Opening Reception will be held on Tuesday after the full-day excursions. Some welcome words will be given by Vice-Rector Doris Wastl-Walter (Professor for Cultural Geography at the Institute of Geography, University of Bern) and Alexander Tschäppät (Mayor of Bern and member of the National Council of Switzerland). Marc Werren(Head of municipal planning department) will give an overview on urban development and current planning projects in the City of Bern. After their welcome words, appetiser and refreshments will be served in the foyer.

Wednesday: Keynote Reception

Time: Wed, 17th Feb, begins: 18:00h

Location: Grosse Schanze, in front of the Main Building

Admission:Open to everybody, free of charge 

The Keynote Reception will be held in the restaurant Grosse Schanze, just next to the University Main Building. Appetiser and refreshments will be served. Please be advised that the reception will not be dinner worthy.

Before the Reception, we will take the opportunity to take a group picture in front of the Main Building.


Thursday: Conference Dinner

Time: Thu, 18th Feb, begins 18:30h

Location: Alte Turnhalle, Speichergasse 4

Admission: Registration needed

The dinner will be served in the old gym of the Bernese high school (built in 1885 as neoclassical school building). Since 1926, it is used as a cultural center of Bern. In the early 2000s, it was planned to privatize the building and establish a commercial health center. Thanks to a public initiative, the current utilization could be extended. Since 2009, the initiators have heritable building rights for the next 30 years.

For the Conference Dinner a special registration is needed. The price is not included in the conference fee.

Friday: Farewell Drink

Time: Fri, 19th Feb, begins 19.00 h

Location: Kornhauskeller, Kornhausplatz

Admission: Open to everybody

For those who do not have to leave Bern directly, we propose to meet for a farewell drink on Friday evening. We reserved space in the Kornhauskeller (Granary). Drinks and snacks are available (on selfpayment). Enjoy the opportunity to bid farewell until we meet each other in Hong Kong next year.