Courses Taught

  • Seminar in Soil Science: Transport processes in soils
  • Block Course: Soil biogeochemistry
  • Challenges in Geography II: Cluster "Environmental Pollution"


Bachelor and Master Projects Available

Topics for Bachelor and Masters Available:

  • Measuring volatile antimony in the environment
  • Understanding arsenic, antimony or mercury transformation in soils through soil incubations (can include sampling in China, Bangladesh and/or Switzerland)
  • Investigating the production of volatile arsenic by lichens
  • Using stable isotopes of carbon to explain arsenic methylation and volatilisation pathways in microbial incubations and soils
  • Long range transport of methylated arsenic species in aerosols
  • Arsenic speciation in a Mexican polluted area (San Luis Potosi)
  • Arsenic speciation in rice grains to assess toxicity
  • Arsenic volatilisation in wetlands and reservoir lakes
  • Method development to measure mercury concentrations in glacial runoff