New publication accepted in: Frontiers in Plant Science 

A new paper involving our group was accepted in Frontiers in Plant Sciences. It shows uptake and transformations of trimethylantimony in plants usually found in and around shooting ranges.

Link to the publication:

Holiday Lunch, Dec 2017

Guiyang, China

Adrien was in Guiyang, China, from 30.10 to 07.11.2017 to visit the Institute of Environmental Geochemistry. This visit was organized for future collaboration with the two institutes and to prepare the 6 week sampling campaign taking place in August/September 2018 surrounding antimony and mercury polluted sites. During the campaign, Jaime and Lorenz will sample the rice paddies situated in the antimony polluted  (Lengshuijiang) and mercury polluted (Wanshan) areas, respectively.

Adrien met with Prof. Xinbin Feng and Prof. Hua Zhang, who are both interested in a long-lasting collaboration, and introduced the TrES groups research foci. This collaboration will study the fate of trace elements in soils. Adrien visited the antimony mine and smelter as well as the nearby rice-paddies. He had the opportunity to enjoy delicious local food, the famous monkey park, and visited the Hongfu Temple built in the 17th century.

A nearby village with traditional rice culture
The antimony ore coming out of the mine
The Hongfu Temple
One of the monkeys living freely in the Temples park.

Field Sampling at Wohlen Lake 

On 5th and 7th of October 2017 Adrien Mestrot and Lucija Stanisic went sediment core sampling on the lake Wohlen, nearby Bern.

The aim of this project is to reveal:

Which elements are in the lake Wohlen?

Where are the elements located?

What concentration and speciation do they occur?

image of the Lake Wohlen
sediment core image

Researchers Night, 2017

The TrES and Soil Science groups participated in a fun filled day of activities introducing the community to standard soil preparation techniques and awareness of heavy metals and microplastics in soils. 

SNSF professorship

The SNSF granted 40 new SNSF professorships to outstanding young researchers. Among them the project “Biomethylation and biovolatilisation of arsenic, antimony and mercury. Local environmental issues, novel analytical approaches and global implications” of Dr. Adrien Mestrot is funded.

SNSF professorship for Dr. Adrien Mestrot