Soil Science Group

Stable metal isotopes as tools to assess enrichment and sources of trace metals in soils and crops to improve sustainability of agricultural systems (MISOTRAG)

Metal accumulation in agricultural soils, may have an adverse effect on the quality and quantity of food produced. To counter this problem, the project aims to identify the most important sources of metals. The investigation will focus on the three trace metals cadmium, copper and zinc, which show high accumulation rates in some agricultural soils. As with most elements, these metals occur in the form of several stable isotopes. The ratio of isotopes can be used to identify and quantify the various sources and to study the fate of metals in the soil. Furthermore, it allows the investigation of plant uptake and translocation of these metals in crops.


NRP 69: Healthy nutrition and sustainable food production

Project team:

Martin Imseng, Prof. Wolfgang Wilcke (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie),
Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Frossard (ETH Zürich), Matthias Wiggenhauser (ETH Zürich),
Dr. Armin Keller (Agroscope), Michael Müller (Agroscope), Dr. Moritz Bigalke

Collaborators involved:

Mark Rehkämper (Imperial Collage London), Derek Vance (ETH Zürich)