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Institute of Geography


Cultural Geography

Welcome to the group of cultural geography!

In the group of cultural geography we investigate how social and discursive realities and rules are produced and reproduced by individuals or groups of actors. We ask how these realities and rules determine or influence the scopes of action and political decision with spatial relevance.

In order to reveal the diversity of opportunity for action, regulations and systems of meaning as well as actors’ corresponding patterns of actions are being studied in varying contexts and spatial planes of references (local to global). The different opportunities for action then become negotiable.


Aspects of research
One focus of the group’s research targets changing societies, especially regarding the question of social change and the often resulting exclusion of minority groups. This entails the question of power and spatial manifestation of exclusion and marginalization. This is of importance as conflicts between individual actors and social groups with one another - or with the state – do not only have a social and political side but also entail a spatial dimension. Spaces are created through actions, interactions and regulations. Constructions of spaces are, thus, linked to actor’s activeness, which are in turn constructed and reproduced. Therefore, we investigate concepts of space and agents’ actions within these spaces.

The basis of these reflections are found in the theory of action, constructivism and feminist theories. Methodologically, the focus lies on qualitative research.

The following topics are of interest and currently investigated:
- Borders as challenge of political and social integration
- Municipals between the state government and local realities
- Social players and public space in cities
- Women working in mountain agriculture
- Women working in movements on peace, liberation or resistance
- Integration and exclusion of migrants

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